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Theming Drupal


UMassOnline is currently using the CTI-Flex Theme, which is based on the Zen Theme.

The CTI Flex theme is a flexible and highly customizable Zen sub-theme with many configurable styles and colors. Check out the CTI Flex demo site for more information and to preview style and layout options.

Features for Drupal 7

  • Zen-based theme
  • 1,2 or 3 columns
  • 14 collapsible block regions (preview)
  • Two fixed width (960 pixels) layout styles and one fluid width style (preview)
  • 22 pre-designed color schemes (slideshow)
  • A helper style sheet with a simple set of base styles to make it easy to create a custom color scheme
  • Configurable font styles
  • Optional CSS3 round corners (in compliant browsers)
  • Extra block styles if used with the Skinr module
  • Built-in styling for dropdown menus if used with the Superfish module

Using this theme

Installation and configuration

  • Install both CTI Flex and Zen in the same directory and set CTI Flex as the default (Zen does not need to be enabled
  • Install and enable the Skinr module (optional)
  • Go to the CTI Flex theme configuration page to select a layout, color scheme, font family, and block corner styles. For more information and examples, please visit the demo site
  • Select styles for individual blocks (if Skinr is installed) by selecting the
    "Edit Skin" option and choosing options in the CTI Flex Block Styles section.

Superfish menus

Note that the dropdown menus are no longer included as part of the theme. Instead, it is recommended that you use the Superfish module. The theme includes styles for dropdowns using this module that match the available color schemes.

Notes about the Drupal 6 version

The Drupal 7 version is a complete rewrite of the theme. No further development will happen in the 6.x branch, aside from critical bug/maintenance fixes.

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