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Learning Platform Committee Meeting
January 25, 2010

Attendees: Keith Moran (UMSO/UITS), Maureen Wassef (UMW), Lyn Riza (UMW), Louise Hamelin (QCC), Suzan Kinaci (MCO), Eileen McMahon (UMB), John Trobaugh (UMW/UMA), Fred Zinn (UMA), Ken Udas (UMOL), Alena Woods (UML), Gene Shwalb (UMB), Irene Yukhananov (UMB), Kevin O’Brien (UMOL), Tim Lambert (UMOL), Karen Tan (UMOL), Lynn Zayac (Westfield), Joe (Westfield), Lisa Clark (Westfield), Salim (Westfield), Valerie Haven (UMB), Damon Gatenby (UMD), Tracey Russo (UMD), Andrea Delaney (UMW), Stefanie Henderson (UMOL); See also Committee Members

  • Introductions
    • See attendees list above
  • Committee Charge
    • Current functional needs
    • UMOL is looking for adaptable, flexible, agile learning platform
  • RFI Process
    • Gather specifications from participating campuses on needs, wants, etc. of LMS/CMS
    • Write up requirements/categories in Confluence
    • Build surveys for:
      • faculty
      • students
      • staff (technical)
      • accessibility
    • Select means of survey delivery
    • Committee members to distribute surveys on campus
    • Things to consider: must haves/nice to have/okay to have
  • Project timelines and expectations
  • Using Confluence
  • Next steps
    • 2/8: Wimba Classroom meeting to discuss survey questions
    • Poll for next F2F meeting (via DOODLE)
  • Questions/Concerns
    • Any financial rewards for focus groups? (EM)