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Some UMass Amherst instructors use a program called Echo360 to record content for their online classes. The following images and instructions will guide you through the process of viewing or downloading Echo360 content. 

  1. Click Video Lectures on the course menu. 

  2. Once in the Echo360 platform, to view a video:
    • Click on the recording that you would like to view listed under the Classes heading.
              list of recordings in Echo interface
              (Click image to enlarge)

    • The video will begin to play.

  3.  If an instructor has set the permissions to download a video :
    • Click on the arrow button and choose Download original from the dropdown menu.
              Click the arrow button and then Download original

    • To download a video, choose the desired video quality and click Download. Depending on your browser settings, the download may start automatically or you may be prompted to save the file.

                     Choose the video quality then click Download

    • To download an audio, click on the speaker icon and click on Download.
  •           Click the audio button and then the download button

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