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  • Submitting a Test/Quiz Attempt in Progress


Submitting a Test/Quiz Attempt in Progress

When a student does not submit their test/quiz it may show as Attempt in Progress in the Grade Center. When this occurs instructors can submit the test for the student. The following instructions will demonstrate how to submit a test/quiz for an Attempt in Progress.  

To Submit a Test/Quiz:

  1. On the Course Management Menu, scroll down and click on Full Grade Center.
  2. Locate the column for the test/quiz.
  3. Locate the Attempt in Progress and hover over that cell with your mouse pointer and click the drop-down arrow for the menu of options.
    Attempt in progress action link
  4. Choose View Grade Details from this menu.
    View grade details dropdown menu 
  5. A new page will load showing you the Grade Details for this student's test/quiz. Click Grade Attempt.
    Grade details, grade attempt button highlighted

  6. To view the Test Information click on the downward facing arrows to expand this area and show Test Information.
    Test information action link

  7. Once the Test Information area has expanded click Submit attempt  (This will force submission of the test/quiz so that you can grade it.)
    Submit attempt button highlighted

If the test/quiz is automatically graded by Blackboard the score should appear automatically once the attempt has been submitted.