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The 21st Century Classroom: Online and Blended Learning

April 12, 2013
Sheraton Four Points Norwood, 8:30am-4:30pm

Call for Proposals

UMassOnline and the Roy J. Zuckerberg Endowed Chair are co-sponsoring a one day conference designed to bring together faculty from across the UMass campuses to discuss how instructional technologies play a central role in the student learning experience by sharing data, both quantitative and qualitative, from course experiences that document student learning outcomes in blended and fully online courses.

Keynote Address: Cable Green, Director of Global Learning from Creative Commons

As we enter the 21st century, faculty and students are experiencing significant changes in the learning environment of higher education due to the growing array of instructional technologies ranging from podcasts to live conferencing to reusable learning objects to social networking and collaborative tools such as wikis, blogs, FaceBook, and Twitter. And, we are seeing a turn to blended and fully online learning in increasing numbers to increase access, free up classroom space, and generate much needed revenue streams for universities. At the same time, we increasingly hear calls for higher education to provide evidence that students are learning effectively in these new learning environments.

The conference committee encourages proposals that address the following topics and provide evidence of impact or increase in student performance in the blended or online classroom.

Conference Tracks or Topics

  • Facilitating student learning in your blended or online classroom. What are you doing and how do you know you students are learning?
  • Sharing “evidence of impact.” How do you know the integration of instructional technologies into the learning environment is positively affecting student learning?
  • Identifying best practices. What best practices for using instructional technologies in the blended or online classroom should we follow and why?
  • Creating effective learning experiences in the blended or online classroom. What instructional strategies do you use in the blended or online classroom that create effective learning experiences for our students?
  • Identifying and selecting the best instructional technologies for the blended and online classroom. Which instructional technologies do you use in the blended or online classroom that create effective learning experiences for our students and why?
  • Assessing student learning. What assessment practices and methods for collecting evidence of student learning in the blended and online classroom are effective?

500-word abstracts due by September 15, 2012. Panel proposals are welcome.

Submit electronically as .rtf, .doc, or PDF attachment to:

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