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  • User/Hierarchy Node Associations Files for Integration Framework
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User/Hierarchy Associations File Elements

HeaderObject Type

External key of the association category. Required.

external_user_keyThe external_person_key of the user to associate. Required.
external_node_keyThe external_node_key of the node to associate to. Required

The data source with which this record should be associated.

Data Source Keys for User Associations are set in the integration settings and will generate errors if used in the file.

Remember, all three fields are required.

  • The external_node_key would be the external_node_key in the Hierarchy Node File batched into Bb Learn. This value can also be found in the UI and lists as the Identifier next to your node listings.
  • The external_user_key value should be the value used when in the external_person_key field for this user when you batched the User Files into Bb Learn.
  • The external_association_key is a unique identifier "linking" the user with the node. This field is not used in any of the other file types. A potential value you could use for this would be to concatenate the the external_user_key and the external_node_key.  (external_user_keyexternal_node_key or umolsmith01umolnode22) This will create a value unique across the system and become a value format you can use.
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