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Weekly/Unit Content

This Weekly/Unit Content page is intended to hold all of the content for your course -- lectures, readings, assignments, etc. Many instructors choose to organize their content by week or unit.

You will see two links called "Week 1" in the Weekly/Unit Content area.

  1. The first (the one that looks like a book with colored tabs), is a Learning Module. It is intended to direct your students through each element using a Table of Contents; think of this as a virtual binder, with tabs for various sections.
  2. The second is a folder. Folders here work similarly to how they work in Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac); they are a simple way to organize your content.Learning Module for Week 1, with Folder for Week 1 below
  3. We suggest that you choose one (Learning Module or folder) and use this consistently for each unit of your content. Delete the one that you do not use, to avoid confusion among your students.
  4. Replace the "Welcome to Week 1" note with your own description, or delete it.
  5. Delete any sub-folders that are empty and/or that you do not plan to use.
    Welcome to Week 1 subheader, subfolders for Week 1 underneath
  6. You can use the Copy function to create further folders or Learning Modules for your course (e.g. Week 2, Week 3, etc.). Click on the action link (gray arrow) and choose Copy.

Information on navigating a Blackboard course from the student perspective can be found on the Navigating Your Course Student Orientation and Resource page. Please share this resource with your students.