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  • Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring (formerly Wimba Voice)
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Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring is the online tool set used for language learning, instruction and collaboration and part of the Wimba Collaboration Suite .


UMassOnline currently has a "pilot" license for Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring.


The following campuses have been utilizing Voice Authoring during FY12-13:



UMass Amherst

Foreign language, podcasting, weekly introductions, lectures, class presentations, office hours, live class chats

UMass Boston

Foreign language

UMass Dartmouth

Used primarily to insert audio directly within content, weekly intros, instructor course welcome, foreign language

UMass Lowell


QuinsigamondNot interested at this time, however we will watch for possible future inclusion. Pat & Louise (QCC)


3.12.12: Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring will be upgraded to version 6.1.


Support models for Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring may vary per campus. Please see this page for the Wimba Escalation Procedures. Please contact Support at for additional information.

Vendor Representative(s)

Kathy Wallace
Senior Client Manager
Blackboard Collaborate
Office: (314) 276-5521

Kristian Photopoulos
R. Vice President, Sales
Blackboard Collaborate
office: (401) 294-9312
mobile: (917) 450-7558


Licensed training materials for Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring may be found in our secure area . Please contact Training at for additional information.





Current Status


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  1. Hi Stefanie. Sorry for the delay. The Lowell campus will also need the Voice Authoring tools for similar tasks mentioned by the other campuses; including audio announcements, discussions, and presentations. These tools are primarily used in the foreign language courses, but they are also used in miscellaneous other courses. (Note: Weekly chats will be conducted via Blackboard Web Conferencing).