Internal Help Desk Solution


The UMassOnline Technical Team requires a Technical Support Ticketing System in order to provide their stakeholders, business partners and internal staff with a higher level of support. The ticketing system should allow for assignable tickets, have detailed issue reporting, and be capable of handling requests via email and web. 


BO:  Patrick Masson
PO: Kevin O'Brien
TO: Kevin O'Brien

Current Status

Currently the UMassOnline Technology Team utilizes several different technologies to accept "tickets" from campus administrators, students, faculty, 24/7 Help Desk and other constituents:

  • Wufoo: A designated web form that is held within Confluence. This form is used mainly by campus administrators to email when they require assistance. 
  • Email: is emailed by campus administrators for assistance with issues and other problems/questions/suggestions. The issues are dealt with accordingly, but are not tracked outside of the email interface. 
  • Confluence Comments: Users (Campus administrators) may comment on a page posing a question. A member of the support team (the SME) will respond accordingly. If they are the PO, it becomes their responsibility to roll the comment up into the page. 
  • Confluence Status Updates: Users (campus administrators, faculty, staff, team members) will post questions/comments into their status update. A UMassOnline Technology Team member will respond accordingly, however, they are not able to respond directly to the users comment. There is a plug in to remedy that.
  • Telephone: End users typically call a member of UMassOnline Technology Team to seek help or ask questions. These issues are typically not tracked anywhere. 
  • Perceptis Help Desk (24/7 Support): Perceptis will assign tickets to the Group "UMassOnline Overall" which includes the Technology Team when an outage arises. It becomes the responsibility of whoever responds to the ticket to follow up with Perceptis. 
  • Chat/IM/Skype: UMassOnline Technology Team accepts Instant Messages from campus administrators that may have complaints, questions, comments, etc. These issues are typically not tracked and are considered one-off conversations. 


UMassOnline Tech Team currently relies on Wufoo (as well as their support email and several other technologies - see above) for their ticketing system(s). These solutions do not allow for the assigning of tickets to users/staff, are not reportable against, and should be seen as temporary solutions while we search for an end product that will meet the needs of our user community. 



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