Date: Thursday, January 6th


Brian DeKemper, Dina Nelson, Kate Kreager (Bb)

Patrick Masson, Tim Lambert, Karen Tan (UMOL)

Ravi Mekala (UITS)

Aaron Addison, Bret Holloway (UMA)


Follow Up:

In an email from Brian DeKamper dated Monday, Jan. 17th:

From: Brian DeKemper []

Sent: Monday, January 17, 2011 10:46 PM

To: Masson, Patrick; Kate Kreager

Subject: RE: Professional Services


I just checked and it looks like as recently as this weekend, our consulting team was still updating the estimate.  As you can understand it took them a bit longer to get some information on cookies and Kerberos session state.

I've inquired about the status and as soon as I hear back, we can get a meeting scheduled for this week.  A note about scheduling: I'm traveling this week and only really have availability on Friday although I'm hoping to follow up much sooner via email if I can get the estimate and SOW within a day or two.