Copy Course Requests in SPIRE

Blackboard Learn Course Request Overview

Please review the following information before you submit a Blackboard Learn course request in SPIRE.

Part 1: Choose Class Section(s) to include in a Blackboard Learn Course

  1.  Login to SPIRE  and Select Main Menu,
    Main menu option

  2. Select Faculty Home.
    Main menu dropdown, faculty home highlighted
  3. Select Blackboard Learn Course Req. The Choose a Term page opens.
    Faculty home option's dropdown menu, Blackboard Learn course request highlighted

    Please Note:

    • You must fill out a separate request for each Blackboard Learn course you wish to request.
    • If you have no Blackboard Learn-eligible classes for your selected term, you will not see the heading Class sections currently available for request:.
    • Further down on the Choose Course Type page, under the heading Class sections already requested this term, is a list of the classes for which you already requested Blackboard Learn courses (if any).
  4. On the Choose a Term page, select the academic term for which you want to request a Blackboard Learn course. The Choose Course Type page opens.

    Select term
  5. On the Choose Course Type page, under Class sections currently available for request: is a list of your   Blackboard Learn-eligible class sections for the selected term. Decide if you want to request a Blackboard Learn course for a single class section or combine multiple class sections into one Blackboard Learn course.
  6. On the Choose Course Type page, under How many class sections will this Blackboard Learn Course include?:
    • Select One class section to request a Blackboard Learn course for a single class section.

    Select Multiple class sections (combined in one Blackboard Learn course) to combine multiple-section or cross-listed class into a single Blackboard Learn course.
    Select one or multiple class sessions

  7. Click Continue. Depending on your choice the next page will be Choose a Class Section or Choose Class Sections to Combine.
    Click continue

        On the Choose a Class Section or Choose Class Sections to Combine page:

         Select the course you want to request

Part 2: Describe Course Content & Submit

  1. The top of the Describe Course Content & Submit page lists the class section(s) comprising your Blackboard Learn course request, followed by your contact information. Review this information to ensure it is correct.
  2. Under Course Content, select how you intend to set up your Blackboard Learn course (required). 

        Course content page

           (Click on the image to enlarge)

      3. Use the Comments box to provide any additional information you might want to communicate to the Blackboard Learn administrators.

      4. Click Submit. A Confirmation page opens.

          Comments box

Part 3: Confirm and Check Course Request Status

  1. The message on the Confirmation page displays the email address that the Blackboard Learn administrators will use to notify you when your course is ready to use. Expect the email message within three business days.
    Data entry field for email address
  2. To request another course for this semester, click Request Another Course.
    Request another course button
  3. To check the status of your Blackboard Learn Course request, in the SPIRE Menu, go to Faculty Home > My Blackboard Learn Courses.
    Faculty home dropdown menu, my Blackboard Learn courses option highlighted