Grade Turnitin assignment

To grade a Turnitin assignment:

  1. Go to the assignment, and click on View Assignment.
    View Assignment link under assignment
  2. Click Submissions Inbox to view student submissions.
    Submissions Inbox tab under Turnitin assignment
  3. Click on the GradeMark pencil of the submission you want to grade. A new GradeMark window or tab will open.
    Grademark Pencil
  4. In the field next to the similarity score, enter the grade, then hit your Enter key.
    Enter grade next to similarity score
  5. You can now close the GradeMark tab and return to the Submissions Inbox.
  6. Click Refresh, and select Force Refresh Submissions to see the grade reflected in the Submissions Inbox.
    Force Refresh Submissions button under Refresh drop down menu